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Goodmorning Town is a parallel universe with Earth and a world of Goodmorning Princess's imagination.

Tired of the violence and cruelty of Earth, Goodmorning Princess built the world of Goodmorning Town that is full of peace. The people in the town are created based on humans on Earth, but they love and lean on each other, life full of happiness because they do not have the selfishness and greed that Terrans do.

One day, something fell from the sky in Goodmorning Town. It was a fashion magazine that a Terran threw out from the spaceship. The citizens got fascinated after reading the magazine, and they headed to Earth to fulfill their curiosity...

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The minting date, that was set to be 4/28, has been delayed once again. This time it’s sometime in September which is somewhat far from now.

We apologize to everyone who has been waiting the birth of the Goodmorningtown Syndrome.

We’ve had lots of thoughts and worries about the Wearbear at the same time while preparing this project. Because these bears are not just tools for NFT, but they are more like precious kids from @goodmorningtown, who has been in the field of art for long time. The firm basement is essential for these innocent bears to settle safe and well to the wild and dangerous planet Earth. While preparing for minting, our biggest worry was that whether the bears could settle safely on Earth in the rapidly changing and unstable crypto world.

In the meantime, we’ve been offered great deals from great crypto teams since the last minting announcement, which was about a month or two ago. After meeting a number of teams, we’ve come to the conclusion that we need an expert of Earth to help the wearbears to play around freely on Earth. Even if it’s quite late, we realized that we need a crypto community to adapt to the trend of Earth in the era of Web3.

The Wearbears are waiting to come to Earth so badly. @goodmorningtown will drop various events to get rid of boredom while waiting for minting. Please wait patiently til the summer ends!


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666     Unique Premium NFTs

66+     Legendary Unique Attributes

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All of Goodmorningtown 666NFTs

will drop during 3 weeks.


All NFTs traits and

attributes will be generated randomly

and revealed after the public sale.

*The GoodmorningTown NFT's minting date, that was set to be 4/28, has been delayed once again. This time it’s sometime in September which is somewhat far from now. Please read above.


111 NFTs will mint on September, 2022 UTC.

Second round

222 NFTs will mint on September, 2022 UTC.

Third round

333 NFTs will mint on September, 2022 UTC.

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GOODMORNING Princess is from Seoul. He graduated from Seoul Art High School. Mesmerized by Mexican food, GOODMORNING Princess decides to open a Mexican cuisine restaurant. To achieve his dream, he begins a tattoo career to earn money.

Gradually, he becomes a tattoo fanatic and loves the art itself. At first, GOODMORNING Princess was gearing towards old school tattoos, as he called "cool" tattoos, that looked tough and powerful. As he continued his path, he realized that his cute personality did not match with the potent drawings, rather cute, petite characters really soothed his mind.

Though people say GOODMORNING Princess looks too tough and scary, that is only a superficial stereotype that does not justify himself at all, well that's what GOODMORNING Princess believes. Now he likes to further explore the "cuteness" and creates diverse characters that will melt your heart.

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